Christ Church

Celebration of 90 Years

About the Project

Having been set-up during the pre-colonial period, A.C.K. Christ Church has been standing strong for 90 Years. Throughout the decades, they have seen major milestones being accomplished and thus it was significant for the church to celebrate its ninetieth year.


The Anglican Church of Kenya – Christ Church Westlands needed an element in their identity system that would symbolize 90 Years of existence.

As a result, Christ Church liaised with us to develop a new Logo for the 90 Years Anniversary celebration.

Our Process


Brand Guru was tasked to integrate the new concept to their existing Brand. Consequently, we maintained the dove abstract found in the old logo, and integrated the abstract 90 years art. In addition, the solid background of the logo is an indicator of the strong-concrete background the church has been laying on, enabling them to preserve through the 90 Years.

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