Creation of an Identity System

We help brands engage with their customers and build strong emotional bonds.

People make snap decisions based on the way a company brands and presents itself. With this understanding, our main focus was to design a logo that builds on their brand strategy and messaging and ensure their brand identity is consistent across all printed media.

Polar Kings’ services are based on three underlining principles; Reliability, Proficiency and Eminence. We ensured that their branding and design reflects these principles.

We also conducted a brand audit by exploring their brand identity and relating it back to their brand strategy. This realignment ensured customers can make snap decisions about the brand.




Company Brief

Polar King Services Ltd. is a cleaning service company that was developed to provide eco-friendly cleaning services to various sectors using the dry ice blasting method. The dry ice blasting cleaning method offers a superior clean meaning they clean where other methods won’t.

The Challenge


Being a new method of cleaning and restoration, how do you then position a company that offers these not so known services to the new market? We were required to develop an identity design that would facilitate placing Polar King Services in the market as a brand that offers eco-friendly cleaning services.

The Solution


Polar King Entrusted us with their company’s image. From content creation, logo design and branding strategy, we were able to create an identity design system that resonate with what the company does. The logo design, an international post-modern creation, was developed to represent the eco-friendly dry ice cleaning method that they use.

In addition, the slogan “Cleaning the cool way” was adopted for the same. Using cool was pun intended to signify the fashionable new method of cleaning yet they use ice for cleaning. With this, Polar King Services would be positioned as a new cleaning and restoration method company that provides eco-friendly and effective solutions.

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